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what is soda? is an audiovisual production company that makes and edits effective videos for Web-based communication. We have the equipment needed to create and broadcast live video streaming. We devise individual strategies for each client and we design software for publishing videos.

We have the know-how and the resources to help your company take its place at the forefront of Internet communication and implement a plan to employ video as an effective and appealing format capable of conveying information in a more compelling and complete way than the written word or still image.


Video promotions and video launches: the best tools to raise the visibility of your company’s various products and services and to launch them onto the market.

Product demonstrations and/or services: intended to promote your company’s various products and services by succinctly and effectively demonstrating their benefits and advantages in audiovisual capsules.

Video catalogues: useful for presenting and promoting your company’s various products and services through simulations, demonstrations of production processes and infrastructure, interviews with opinion formers, product managers, etc.

e-learning: on-line training

Video tutorials: informative audiovisual capsules, the purpose of which is to show how a process, activity or exercise is completed, broken down into steps so that they can be used as a reference.

Video communiques (B-roll): the recording of a press conference, product launch or news that you want to communicate, done to achieve two objectives:
To allow television broadcasters to access footage via an ftp inbox, thereby giving you greater media coverage
To edit the press conference, news, launch, etc.

Spots on the Internet (pre-roll, post-roll): Brief advertising of a duration to ensure that the viewer keeps watching the video, to appear at the beginning or end of each video.

Events: We cover any kind of event your company may organise or sponsor, including seminars, conferences, world café sessions and workshops. We produce a piece set to background music summing up your event and featuring flashes of the key moments. We make various audiovisual capsules of individual parts of the event.

Social Media: Team of experts on Internet and particularly Web 2.0 issues, consisting of journalists, programmers and authorities on socio-cultural movements.

The goal is to obtain feedback from the target audience. This means making the public visit your website and talk about it elsewhere on the Web by syndicating your videos. The team will become a publisher on social networks, a trendsetter, a chat group member, a tracker, blogger, etc. And it will use cutting-edge tools to ensure your video project is successful.

  • Creation of general and event profiles to gather followers, fans and friends.
  • Direct relationship with opinion leaders on the Web on the chosen target.
  • Induction manuals: adaptation of your corporate induction manual onto video.

Video Streaming: live broadcasting of any event or activity.


• Eroski
• El Corte Inglés
• Iberia
• Caja Vital
• Lagun Aro
• Nestle
• Practicopedia (Diximedia, previously Recoletos)
• ARCO Madrid
• Panda Security
• Hispacoop
• Provincial Council of Biscay
• Bilbao Chamber of Commerce
• San Sebastián City Council
• And many more

Link to some of our work

Playlist of 20 videos

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