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(Español) Gracias Coca-Cola

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25 March 2013

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Considerations after NAB and the near future of audiovisual post-production

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23 April 2012

Autor: Mikel Arregi, editor and post-productor in

Looks like Blackmagic will mark a new era for its price and because it will bring all HDSLR’s that were saving for a 5D mk III.

Its price will be of 2325€ + Tax.

For what it offers is a real bargain. Although to me the built-in battery is not something that convinces me too much.

Furthermore we’ll have to wait for the Bolex Digital team, an independent project, which campaigned a kickstarter just before SXSW and offered a 2k camera, 16mm sensor with raw files 444, xlr inputs, bluethooth wifi etc …. also about 3000€.

We have one intense year with the emergence of new cameras, software and so on.

According to Apple this will be the year that will implement the dual viewer, native support. R3d. Mxf etc. in FCPX … Let’s see if they do so soon because in the meantime the market is turning to other software packages such as Adobe CS6 etc, which now are much more complete.

In the battle between Adobe and Apple, the first has given a good pinch with the presentation of suite CS6, you will need CUDA GPU acceleration to get the most out of the premiere Mercury Engine CS6, with which you can edit files online with 4K and squeeze after effects, which in this version includes a rendering engine to simulate 3D lights and caustics and a lot less time to render than any other any 3D application.

Given Apple’s reluctance to renew their MacPro models, if we go to a computer with CUDA graphics, we have to buy an some what old machine and update graphics, or else move to a Windows environment and opt for a solution much cheaper and more powerful.

It could be the case in which Apple releases MacOsX in order to install on HP workstations, but this is just a rumor …. For the rest you can still always Hackintosh (I’m already thinking about a future setting :) )

Beyond that, Autodesk has also slipped into the gap left during this time by Apple and has dared to redesign the entire software with Smoke endowing a much more intuitive graphic interface, making it look like a video editor like Premiere could be, but with all the power Smoke offers, and this is a video editor, a nodal compositing software, incredible color corrector and a system finish all within a single program. And all this for $ 3500, making it run on iMac’s. I say this because until now, because before having a Smoke system in any home post had a cost of $ 18,000 for software licensing and technical requirements that raised the cost of hardware about $ 12,000 approx.

The fact that this year’s NAB has been very warm, it remains to see how all of these solutions will be established throughout the year but not as spectators, but as users, while in the gap and providing our products with the best solutions.

Online videos: ideal support for internet publicity

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27 March 2012

eMarketer estimates growth of this format from 55% this year. STRATA data also revealed how 28% of U.S. advertising agencies include the videos on the Internet since 2011 as part of their online strategy.

The investment of U.S. advertising agencies can be broken down into 87% of them offering this content in their website according to data from Outbrain. Behind the videos online are blogs, with 66.67% and immediately after a 44.44% tied with articles and photo galleries.

The method used to distribute video content is at least in 95, 56% social networks, which highlights Facebook, with 36.26% in first place, followed by their “Likes” in 16.70%. Just behind, with a 12.77% we find a Twitter.

The main reasons for the rise of online video as the most effective way to advertise products include their acceptance by consumers and low cost, although this could be a somewhat relative.

Source: Puro Marketing

Content + knowledge= growth

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19 March 2012

SoloMarketing has published an interesting article that points out how content is the best way to identify your audience. Brands use their content as advertising elements endow themselves and provide them with educational content to achieve leadership that takes them to build a social brand.

In Content Marketing, content is the message and whatever knowledge you can achieve from it takes you to a new advertising service, efficient and committed, focusing on the transmission of a message that meets the needs of others and identifies new business niches and growth. The marriage of content and knowledge is key to growth, mainly by the following factors:

- The consumer is hungry for new content and information.
- Education is the best way to lead. When a client is linked to a brand, he recognizes it as a leader, a strength that well used, is the basis on which to underpin the foundations of the sum of influences and creating opportunities.
- Objectives and realistic goals allows us to obtain an efficient ROI.
- “This is our talent” and “these are the brands that have chosen it” trust and credibility are a slow growth path, but certainly the strongest.
- A commitment to education as indisputable formula to innovation and creativity.

How content can spur change for businesses

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16 March 2012

Social media examiner offers an interview the author of “6 pixels of separation: Everyone is connected, connect your business to everyone“, Mitch Joel.
Joel shares the key points of how the content has changed the way we do business, emphasizing the importance of developing the right marketing strategy for each business.

Among the key points that highlights the author, are:

• The old marketing model where information was shared progressively from one to another is obsolete. Now we are intrinsically connected.
• Social strategies for business: The right question is not “what to publish” on each channel but “why.” Why makes you look at the business model you want to achieve, what is the ROI, which is the true measure of business growth.
• Blogs should come from the passion to explain and share something, the failure of many companies is that they perceive them as a campaign, brands that are doing surprisingly well are those that face the blog strategy with a journalistic framework vs. a marketing initiative.
• The connection between social media and sales is direct if you’re really social. Understanding sociable as the ability to be findable and shareable.
• Video is at a boom currently because it has finally reached a point where digital technology and digital platforms are good, before it was not stable. Now you can create content in a very professional and high quality with a couple of cameras and basic technologies. Previously it was impossible to achieve the result you get today with the same gear. But the real challenge is to be excellent video marketing video.

Here is the interview from Social Media Examiner

Mitch Joel from Michael A. Stelzner on Vimeo.

In-stream mobile video ads generate 89% completion rate

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7 March 2012

Mobile Marketer presents a study by Rhythm NewMedia, a mobile advertising network, which shows that the video content is the backbone to keep the attention of consumers.

“Completion rate is the most important indicator when it comes to mobile video, which is what marketers should be concerned,” said Lisa Abramson, director of marketing for Rhythm NewMedia. In the study the company claims that the online videos have an average completion rate of 66%, and for mobile advertising an increase of 35%.

Mobile video advertising may appear before a video clip or as a break from the longer video content. Pre-roll videos appear when users open applications or between mobile activities, such as changes in game or on the screen.

According to the study, in-stream mobile videos have higher completion rates than online, which points to how powerful a video can be in the small mobile screen, covering all of it and grabing to the most the viewer’s attention .

Users prefer less information and interactive

The study measured the rates of completion of the clips 15” and 30” where the clips 15” generated a completion rate of 89.2% and 88.3% for 30” pieces of content video.

Also found success in videos with interaction. Consumers not only see a video, they also want to interact with the brand. Interactive activities like the “Like” on Facebook or add an event to the calendar increased participation rates by 25%.

Based on the study, advertisers have a great opportunity to include mobile video in campaigns, capturing the user’s attention instantly and keeping them in the same activity for a period of time, which is a powerful tool marketing for brands.

(Español) El cliente se convierte en productor ejecutivo

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6 February 2012

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

Video tutorial, a way of bringing the brand to the customer

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25 November 2011

More and more companies are betting on video tutorials. The “How To” explain in a few steps how to make a certain action. The purpose is to teach how to manage products and services.


Users that use the video tutorials expect to receive the information and the steps required for an action. On the net we find from how to put on makeup, to how to use software. These videos can be very long or shorts and concise.


For companies that are promoting a new product is very useful, as users learn how to use it, they get to know the mark and the interest increases. Furthermore, they reinforce the strengths of the product or service that may be an advantage over competitors and achieve better positioning.


This format allows to create a proximity between the mark and the user. When a company launches a new product to the user tries to teach the functioning and the benefits thereof. In this way seeks a closer relationship between the brand and consumer.


Technology companies use this format to present their news audiovisual and how to use them. A clear example is Google and Facebook, because every time they have a new release they explain to their users in “How To,” format how it works and how it is used. Another example is the social network LinkedIn who used a video, with and 80s atmosphere, to explain the functioning of the network.

(Español) HbbTV, ¿qué nos va a traer?

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25 October 2011

Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

Connected TVs, Imminet success

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4 October 2011

The evolution and new lines of audiovisual content consumption is focused on connected TVs, tablets and social networks. 50% of viewers use other electronic technologies while watching television. Thanks to social media consumers can comment in real time what they are viewing on television.

78% of users of internet in Spain have profiles on Facebook, Myspace 32% and 28% Twitter. In this way, to see a simple program is turning into a chat with friends and acquaintances. The televisions connected to this interaction are going to be available to anyone in a single device (or two, remains to be seen with the success of the multi-screen through tablets and smartphones), so users can simultaneously consume content who share and discuss with others.

The success of the connected TV is imminent and will allow to videos made for internet to come in a more simple way at home. has been working in online video for some time now. The future of video on the Internet is promising, since bet on it.

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