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Incluye vídeo en tu tienda Online

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2 August 2013

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(Español) La satisfacción del trabajo bien hecho

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29 July 2013

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(Español) Paddle Surf en Bilbao

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23 July 2013

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(Español) Gracias Coca-Cola

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25 March 2013

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(Español) Ofertas de empleo

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14 January 2013

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YouTube: professional and citizen journalism

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17 July 2012

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism revealed the results of a study of 15 months of the most popular videos from Google Inc.

The study showed that YouTube has become one of the most important platforms for access news, a platform where users search for news about important events and natural disasters from the point of view of people who were there at that time. The study also found that while the TV news consumption still opaque news search on YouTube, the video site is still growing in the digital environment where professional journalism mixes with content created by citizens.

“There is a new form of journalism on this platform” states Amy Mitchell, Project Manager of excellence in journalism project from The Pew Research Center “is a new relationship between news organizations and citizens more dynamic and diverse than what we have seen on other platforms ”

More than half of the videos consumed come from news networks and more than one third of citizens. But the content of network news has on many occasions, people-generated content.

One of the things that emerges here is the power of bearing witness as a part of a news consumption process,” says Mitchell.
The results have aroused much concern and encouragement in the traditional news networks. Citizen journalism is one of the users seeking content from YouTube, but equally seek professional content distributors. The study demonstrates how the content of professional and amateur video are combined and work in the format of YouTube where you choose what to see.

Source: AP

US media and entertainment ad spending forecast

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10 July 2012

“The line between media companies and entertainment is increasingly blurry.” Under this premise and the fact that they many times corporate conglomerates own the means to produce entertainment content, eMarketer has conducted a study entitled “U.S. Media & Entertainment Industries: online ad spending forecast and main trends. “

The study reveals that advertising spending in the U.S. for digital media and entertainment industry will reach from 2,770 million dollars in 2012 and will continue to grow, reaching 4,340 million by 2016. Part of that is due to the campaign to raise awareness and promote online culture where online sales are growing.

Despite the similarities between the two industries, growth is very different for many reasons. However there is an increase in the ability of organizations to use their own distribution channels for advertising, and to cross promote their products. The increase in advertising investment in the entertainment industry is expected to increase from 2013 “fueled by a better economy, rationalized by a content distribution models, a better understanding of digital marketing and new technology to promote.”

Source: eMarketer

#Frifast June 29th. 2012

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2 July 2012

A creative meeting filled with luxury and great fashion. We started with the short film “A therapy” by the famed Roman Polanski for Prada. With the acting of Ben Kingsley and Helena Bonham Carter where irony and wit introduce us to the world Prada.

We continue through the world of fashion with the teaser and campaign of the fragance Dior Addict in San Tropez.

(Español) El vídeo marketing triunfa en los usuarios de tabletas

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27 June 2012

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Global investment in online advertising in 2012 will reach 94,200 million

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20 June 2012

Investing in online advertising is a growing market as this infographic created by with data from eMarketer and comScore shows.

U.S. leads, at present, the list in online advertising spending with an expected 41.8%. Countries like China and Japan will dethrone the UK currently second place ranking. Regions such as Latin America, Pacific Asia, Middle East and Africa will be gaining strength.

In 2015, data suggest that ad spending will be at 603,100 million, of which 132,100 million will be investid in online advertising. The retail sector will increase its presence, taking advantage of falling costs, best performance, and ads on social platforms.

As for platforms, Google remains the market leader of online advertising and social networks, Facebook appears to be the favorite with an estimated 89% of investment by the agencies.

Source: Marketing Directo

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