es | en designs an interactive Branded Content campaign for Arsys’ CloudBuilder

Arsys has had the support of in its new Branded Content campaign for CloudBuilder service

A comprehensive solution for deploying virtual infrastructure hardware and software platform in a flexible Cloud, dynamic and with optimal security.

The campaign is aimed at mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) and accessed via a QR code inserted into offline media. The story tells the experience of an agent whose challenge is to check the quality of services and technology Arsys offers.

The story chronicles the mission of a secret agent hired by a company to check the quality technological infrastructure and services of Arsys. The campaign also attaches to the trend of gamification of audiovisual content through interactivity. After each mission, the viewer selects the next mission between two options.

Production has been set in search of a cinematic style that blends the suspense genre with the theme of spying. Filming took place over 2 days on location in Bilbao, Logroño, with music created specifically for the campaign.

We invite you to discover how to the development of the mission goes,in this agent’s quest into Arsys CloudBuilder

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