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(Español) idea una campaña de vídeo marketing para Caja Laboral

8 November 2012
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Vídeo, the favorite format in content marketing

26 April 2012
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The investment in print content in the U.S. fell by nearly 30% last year, in favor of digital media.

Mainly the video content or branded videos have been positioned as the main support or channel content marketing strategies, surpassing other types of media and online publications.

The interest of companies for online content marketing is a growing trend. Last year 52% of U.S. companies used marketing videos for content in different formats such as blogs and corporate websites, digital media, specialized magazines and online newsletters.

The success of digital content can be explained by several reasons. Its distribution is more economical, but also its production. The audiovisual production design on the Internet is much cheaper it offers rational budgets that current marketing needs with respect to traditional audiovisual production. Besides the increase in Internet usage time, also affects the success of digital content.

Based on these data it is estimated that 35% of companies plan to continue and increase their investment in their online content this year, focusing on video and closely following market developments of mobile devices continues to boom, thanks the convenience it offers.

Source: Puro Marketing

Video on mobile: up 205,7%

11 April 2012
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Marketers and agencies from around the country have recently been exposed to some new findings in the world of video, thanks largely to Nielsen.

First, let me share a few of the stats, for those who haven’t seen the latest: It’s pretty common knowledge that we Americans spend a ton of time watching video across our various screens — 33 hours per week, in fact. And the number of users viewing video on the Internet is up 21.7%, from Q3 2008 to Q3 2011. Not all that surprising and this might even seem low, if anything. Meanwhile, the number of people who used time-shifting for watching videos at the times most convenient for them increased by 65.9% during that same period. But here’s the shocker: The number of users watching video on mobile devices increased by a whopping 205.7%.

Surprisingly, the time spent on computers watching video is actually on the decrease (Nielsen reported a 7.5% decrease in time spent, year-over-year from Q3 2010 to Q3 2011), as people are preferring to do their video surfing on mobile devices, or on growing tablet devices.

Bigger picture, a significant takeaway for those of us in the video business is that streaming video is now the second most popular and common activity, trailing only social networking. Overall, about 14% of Internet usage time is dedicated to streaming video (October 2011 census data). To put it in some perspective, social networks comprised 21% of all minutes spent in this category. The streaming videos most people are watching, by a large majority, are TV programming and movies. Entertainment sites are driving the viewing.

The inevitable question for marketers and agencies alike: “Are all video gross rating points equal?” Nielsen would argue that they are and is studying this issue with leaders in the industry. A few key insights here:

- Online video performed better than TV across every brand metric and for every vertical.
- A campaign combining online video and TV ads improved recall and likeability for all verticals.
Through a panel comprised of Facebook members (via Facebook’s registry of 150 million+ persons), Nielsen concluded that online video GRPs are consistent with Nielsen TV ratings.

Moving forward, we need to keep an eye on the projected meteoric growth of online video viewership, particularly on mobile devices. Clearly we are getting close to a better understanding of the complexity of rating video performance online, and how it can be compared to the illustrious GRP that has dominated TV understanding and evaluation for years.

This is an exciting and fluid time for all of us in the world of video, so it’s sometimes worthwhile to take a step back to review some third-party data and assess what it could mean to us all.

Source: MediaPost

US Marketers see big opportunity for online video advertising in Europe

10 April 2012
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comScore’s recently published statistics for online video viewing and video ad exposure in the Europe reveals the biggest growth lies in video ad consumption in the UK – 80% of online Brits saw an online video in January 2012: and of these 64 percent were exposed to video ads, twice as many as the previous January.

Online Video Advertising Statistics Rise in Europe (UK & France)

  • 21.9 million UK internet users were exposed to a video ad stream and 33.3 million UK internet users watched a content video in January.
  • Males were far more engaged with content videos, accounting for 74.7 percent compared to just females who only accounted for 25.3 percent.
  • 56.4 percent of males exposed to ad videos compared to 43.6 percent for females.
  • 4.6 million 15-24 year olds were exposed to video ads – accounting for more than a quarter of time spent overall”. (comScore Inc)

Video Ad Networks: USA Moving Rapidly into European Market

US marketers have not been slow to take advantage of this burgeoning market for online video advertising: Denver based SpotXchange is the largest global marketplace of video ad inventory, reaching 80 million unique visitors each month in more than 15 countries. It entered the UK market late 2011 and are already number one in the UK according to comScore’s VideoMetrix service

Source: Reelseo

The rise and rise of video marketing

3 April 2012
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Complete story by Digital Fire

In the past few years, video marketing has taken off as one of the most successful proponents of digital marketing. The innately social and viral nature of these campaigns work in conjunction with the growing trend of social media and therefore have the potential to reach millions of users and viewers around the world. Online platforms such as YouTube have made short videos not only readily accessible, but an integral part of our daily online digest.

Studies have shown that watching videos has become the second-most popular web-based activity that people engage in after email. Because of its vast popularity marketers have now realised the importance of tapping into video marketing and many brands are reaping the benefits.

Social media and video marketing

A video marketing campaign goes hand in hand with all aspects of social media. Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ have made the act of sharing videos with contacts, followers and friends easy and accessible. Most of these platforms allow users to embed videos onto their Timelines and news feeds simply by posting the URL link to the video. People’s insatiable desire to share via these social networks thus essentially fuels a video’s popularity – allowing it to go viral. The most successful video marketing campaigns all share the element of virality in that they were entertaining, thought provoking or funny enough that people wanted to share them with their social contacts.

How content can spur change for businesses

16 March 2012
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Social media examiner offers an interview the author of “6 pixels of separation: Everyone is connected, connect your business to everyone“, Mitch Joel.
Joel shares the key points of how the content has changed the way we do business, emphasizing the importance of developing the right marketing strategy for each business.

Among the key points that highlights the author, are:

• The old marketing model where information was shared progressively from one to another is obsolete. Now we are intrinsically connected.
• Social strategies for business: The right question is not “what to publish” on each channel but “why.” Why makes you look at the business model you want to achieve, what is the ROI, which is the true measure of business growth.
• Blogs should come from the passion to explain and share something, the failure of many companies is that they perceive them as a campaign, brands that are doing surprisingly well are those that face the blog strategy with a journalistic framework vs. a marketing initiative.
• The connection between social media and sales is direct if you’re really social. Understanding sociable as the ability to be findable and shareable.
• Video is at a boom currently because it has finally reached a point where digital technology and digital platforms are good, before it was not stable. Now you can create content in a very professional and high quality with a couple of cameras and basic technologies. Previously it was impossible to achieve the result you get today with the same gear. But the real challenge is to be excellent video marketing video.

Here is the interview from Social Media Examiner

Mitch Joel from Michael A. Stelzner on Vimeo.

60% of advertisers use the pre-roll in their mobile campaigns

9 March 2012
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A study prepared by the market firm Interrogate in conjunction with Madvertise shows the pre-roll video is now established among most efficient advertising formats.
This format appears before viewing content on mobile and is used currently by 60% advertisers to launch their campaigns. The boom continued through the emergence of the market of smartphones and tablets.
The video pre-roll was first used on the Internet a few years ago, now accounts for nearly 90% of the online video advertising , primarily for its ability to generate a brand recall of up to 69%.

In the campaign made to Arsys with the aim of promoting its new service WebMaker, a video campaign was created composed of two parts, pre-roll videos and video tutorials.
The pre-roll videos were shown before the start of the videos from YouTube in two versions: 15 “and 30″. Nine days after posting the video on YouTube, without starting the campaign of pre-roll, the video had reached more than 438,000 views.

#Frifast March 3rd, 2012

3 March 2012
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Friday’s at start not only with a yummy breakfast but with the expectations of the weekend, and in this case, the expectation created thanks to a simple and global idea like “back to the future”. A campaign that shows thta a good narrative is the base for creating viral success pieces like this one.

And to top off the morning… The Mallas: they predicted the end of the world, today in tights (“mallas” in spanish) they will guess anything you want, have a great weekend!

(Español) 2012, el año de los medios digitales y los nuevos desafíos

20 February 2012
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Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

(Español) 5 pilares del marketing online

19 February 2012
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Sorry, this entry is only available in Español.

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