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SODA (School Of Digital Audiovisual) offers you this unique and intense course with the latest concepts and techniques for working in the only industry that is growing audiovisual, video marketing.

Tens of thousands of companies around the world are beginning to introduce into their marketing strategies as the main tool the video and distribute it via the Internet.

With a master's degree in marketing video, students will have all the keys to creating effective Internet videos that meet the needs of companies in its communication: from conception, implementation, or post-production editing to promotion, publication or measurement. They may also put into practice everything learned in an extensive training period they will work closely with professionals

Download a PDF with the full Agenda.


Acquire knowledge of marketing to create effective videos inform, entertain or sell through any Internet-connected screen.

Solvency acquire technical and performance using state of the art languages​​.

Becoming an expert in editing and post production in a wide range of programs and techniques to create videos of high added value.

Understanding the mechanisms of the video distribution across different types of screens, how to promote them and how to reach the desired target.

Acquiring responsibilities and work patterns as well as cope with professional demands by immersing the classes within a production company with extensive experience and first class customers.


SODA is committed to real life as the best method for effective learning in the Master's why video marketing is taught in a production Internet video that serves some of the leading companies in Spain.

Throughout the entire course lectures the student will receive from the hands of experts. These skills will be implemented after facing real jobs, supervised at all times by a tutor.

Master's students also may participate in intensive and specialized workshops offered throughout the year SODA.

The master is limited to 11 students who will undergo a pre-test to ensure access to learning excellence.


Depth in each of the fields of strategy. Analysis of variants more related to video marketing. Understanding the role of account management and its relationship with the producer.

Purchase criteria for matching the style and format of video that's best for the client's strategy. Get safety in the use of technical means to control audio, light or focus.
Internalizing an effective protocol prior to the action of pressing the REC button.

Advanced nonlinear editing on Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Studio 3 suite. Make practices of different types of editing possible and acquire advanced knowledge of Final Cut Pro and use of Mac

Postproduction and compositing with Adobe After Effects. Make practices of different types of formats that work, acquire advanced knowledge of After Effects and use of Mac, gaining speed to be more productive and effective at work. In addition, make introductions to other techniques such as 3D or stereoscopy.

Post the video on the most appropriate format for each device is an art that depends on the format, bit rate, the number of encodings, the automation ...

A key moment in Internet video is the publication of the video. You must choose where you will see, what qualities the user can choose. From the website of the company to video sharing sites like YouTube,, Vimeo or Viddler, each platform has its advantages and disadvantages that should be analyzed as intended.

All work of making an effective video can go to ruin if not properly promoted on the Internet. On the Web user has the final say and need to know how important social networks. In addition, we will practice alternatives such as SEM or SEO.

The basic point of video marketing is measurement. Is the parameter that helps to know the success of the campaign, whether to intensify or modify and providing tangible results to the client. Internet metrics are abundant and the video format has its own.

for who

Graduates with knowledge of audiovisual media production and post production

Graduates in higher level training cycle in audiovisuals.

Graduates in Fine Arts from the audiovisual industry.

Audiovisual technicians who want to adapt to the new scenario.

hours and prices

Preinscripción hasta el 30 de julio

Beginning October 3

End June 1

Hours 9 to 1:30 - 14:30 to 17

Workshops from 18 to 21

Theoretical hours 300 h

650 h practice hours

Total 950 h

Number of seats 11

Price € 6,750

Indispensable passing entrance test

Download the PDF of the complete agenda

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